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Free STEM education for all

We are creating free online STEM materials.

STEM is an acronym for Science , Technology , Engineering , and Mathematics , and is an educational model that began in the United States in the 2000s.

We are creating teaching materials that seamlessly connect the content from elementary school arithmetic to university science and technology .

Children who can't go to school

There are many children and women in the world who cannot go to school due to economic or social reasons

In addition , there are many people in developed countries as well as developing countries who have completed primary education but cannot receive higher education such as university .

Quality education for all is the fourth goal of the SDGs and is an issue of global importance.

Is mathematics useful?

there are many junior and senior high school students who say, "I don't know what math is useful for."

In fact, math is used in various situations in the world.

Vectors, matrices, and trigonometric functions are essential for controlling 3DCG and robots.

Exponential functions are very useful in AI and data science.

By creating consistent STEM teaching materials from elementary school to university, we will create an environment where students can learn to become the person they want to be in the future.

Is it difficult to make university study materials?

Creating university-level teaching materials may seem like a big deal.

However, if you have graduated from university, it shouldn't be that difficult to use what you learned at university as teaching materials.

When watching university-level science videos on YouTube, the explanations of YouTubers are often much easier to understand than those of university professors.

In this project, we are creating teaching materials that can be intuitively understood using IT techniques such as 3D animation and mathematical processing.

If we can get many co-creation members to join us and gradually increase the number of teaching materials, we don't think it will be an absurd challenge.

Need a lab facility?

Recent technological innovation has been remarkable, and the prices of various electronic devices have become very cheap.

Microcontrollers and servo motors can be purchased for a few dollars to several tens of dollars, and 3D printers and laser processing machines can be purchased for $200 to $300.

Even if you can't go to a university or corporate laboratory, you can make various devices such as AI-equipped robots at home for a small cost.

Anyone with knowledge of STEM can make new products and launch a startup.

We want many people to know that such a wonderful era has arrived.

Microcomputer Servomotor 3D Printer Laser processing machine

It's ok if you can't solder

If you use a breadboard as shown in the picture, you can wire it just by inserting the wires into the holes.

You can also easily program the microcontroller by connecting it to a computer via USB.

AI, robots, and quantum computers strategy map

We are creating a strategy map of what to learn, from elementary school arithmetic to AI, robots, and quantum computers.

In the future, we will add new items and create teaching materials for each item.
We will also support multiple languages.

Link : AI, robots, and quantum computers strategy map

Examples of teaching materials

We want the teaching materials to be used all over the world, so they are created primarily in English.
Once the English version is more or less complete, they will be translated into other languages.

Angle bisector


Perpendicular bisector of a line segment

Materials created so far

These are made in Japanese, but we will support multiple languages ​​in the future.

YouTube Channel

We post videos on the channel STEM for All

We create educational materials that allow you to learn intuitively, step by step, from elementary school math to Kepler's Law and AI.

Youtube :

DIY AI-equipped robot arm for around 10,000 yen

We are creating educational materials that teach the basics sof AI and robot control while building your own AI-equipped robot arm.

Link :

DIY AI-equipped robot arm for high school students

This video shows how high school level math and physics knowledge is used to design a robot arm.

Link :

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